Badminton rackets can confuse you when it comes to choosing the correct one. There are many rackets with unconventional features as well as new brands in the marketplace and they offer various quality badminton racket. Therefore, you can find it hard to know which racket is ideal. Popular badminton rackets are not always the best option for you. If you are wondering which badminton racket is best for beginners, continue reading to find out how to choose the best one.

The racket is the most vital thing that you should focus on when playing badminton. A badminton racket is recommended to be light in weight and should be designed perfectly having the best quality string. A beginner will need to look for the correct racket to improve your skills. This is a badminton tip for a beginner that choose the racket first.

We have selected few top badminton racket brands. Suggesting good badminton rackets is our main priority. If you are wondering which badminton racket is best for beginners, continue reading to find out.

Factors to Consider

While choosing the best badminton racket, several factors will help you choose the right one. Using a light racket is more advantageous since the head, frame and shaft have little capacity and are easier to swing and manipulate. There are also other factors like

  • The hardness of the shaft
  • The balance point
  • The tension of the string

The balancing point is where the racket should balance the finger. Lower balance point offers a lighter feel for control while the higher balance point offers the racket a heavier feel. Here are some of the best badminton factors that can help choosing the best badminton rackets for beginners.


A badminton racket is on classification based on its balance. There is even balance where the total mass distributes evenly throughout the area of the racket. The head-light the mass gets shifted to the handle and this, therefore, results in a light head.

The head –heavy balance is the situation where the entire mass is shifted to the head. You can, therefore, choose the racket you want depending on the comfort level you want.

The flexibility of the shaft

When buying the badminton racket the flexibility of the shaft is an important factor that you should consider. The correct flexibility level depends on the speed of the arm or wrist. Beginners should start with a good badminton racket.

Badminton rackets are in categories of medium, stiff, flexible medium-stiff and extra stiff. Beginners will need to have a flexible shaft since they have not yet had a good speed. You can go for medium flexibility or choose medium stiffness if you are not sure about the speed of your arms.

Weight of the racket

A number “U” represents the weight of a badminton racket. The number is inversely proportional to the weight of a badminton racket; therefore, a racket with a small number is heavier and vice versa.

When playing as a single-player, go for the lighter option since it provides overall mass and higher flexibility. If playing as a double-player then it is good to go for the stiff one since it gives you more speed and enables you to react with much speed at the net, makes good badminton rackets.

Grip size

The grip is an essential factor to consider while choosing a racket. Pick a racket that is standard and gives you the best grip.


The tension in badminton is represented by the ratio of minimum and maximum tension. The beginners are advised to play with stringing tension near the lower end, and this will give more power to play the game.  Here are some of the best badminton brands in the market.

Some Recommend Badminton Rackets for Beginners

Oppum Light Weight Badminton Racket

This kind of badminton racket is created by trademark Oppum that is usually made up of carbon fiber with the highly robust net thread. This gives more power and steadiness for good performance. It has a T joint inside and has a design from outside that is just one-piece with tremendous tension of the string that makes it durable and hard. This one is a best deals on badminton rackets.

This badminton racket is 88 grams and twenty-six and a half inches, with a light racket making it easy to make swings. The racket is also strong enough to deal with strong smashes; it is very affordable and favourable for beginners and entertainers. When you are looking for a cheap badminton racket with the best quality this can be it.

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Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade Badminton

The Senston badminton racket is made from the Senston brand that is a high-quality racket. There are questions does senston badminton rackets good? For the answer, this racket has fibre materials that are in great quantity and those that increase the power of the racket and hence reduces structure damage. This racket is has a design in one piece mainly from the outside as well as a T joint that is built from the inside part. The weight of this racket is 75-79 grams and is more lightweight than other rackets.

The racket has got a handle not easy to slip, and that makes it easy to grip and therefore not easy to lose the hands grip. The T connector does not use any materials from metal; instead, it uses a lightweight plastic that has special resin. The resin creates the structure to be steady and influential so the racket will be convenient for you.

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Yonex Nanoray Badminton Racket

This specific racket is from the brand Yonex with a weight of 89 grams. The Yonex racket is made of graphite; it is easy to use and very light. The Yonex price is good for graphite racket and is available in two colors, white and royal blue colors. is appropriate for defensive and attacking players in the game of badminton. The racket has high repulsion power, therefore, offers quick attacking. Yonex badminton rackets comparison to other manufacturer is one of the best brands.

The Nanoray is for players who force their competitor at the back with high speed. Control support gives a wider flat surface compared with the ordinary racket to give an easy grip, hence good achievement, and sharp flexibility. Yonex Nanoray badminton racket is one of the best badminton racket for beginners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can you calculate the speed at which a player moves in a badminton court?

A: First cameras can be set on a tripod on each corner as well as an accelerator together with a tracker to measure speed and change of direction. This will help you to monitor your speed and development.

Q: Are badminton rackets difficult to use?

A: No, badminton rackets come with a manual that clearly shows you how you can use the racket concisely and simply. Choosing the right one is mandatory as low weight badminton rackets allow the player to move with speed and power.


If you want to venture into the game of badminton as a beginner, then you can follow the above factors in choosing the right and best badminton racket for beginners. You need to choose a light racket since it will allow you to take a quick movement and one that will be comfortable in the grip. If you go for a heavy one may discomfort you.