Nowadays basketball has earned a great space in the heart of people. To play basketball no one need to go to the basketball ground because if you have a space in your home or in your garden you can set up a basketball hoop in your empty space and with the help of this basketball hoop you can spend your time with your friends and family. we’ll have a lifetime basketball net instruction from here. There are some easy ways to set up a basketball hoop and let’s learn how to set up your lifetime basketball hoop.

Portable basketball hoop

It is quite easy to have a portable basketball hoop installed. Assembling basketball hoop parts is simple. Because there are so many companies who are selling portable basketball hoop. First of all, if you want to play in your own garden or empty space you need to buy a portable basketball hoop. Which will give you the opportunity to change your playing space whenever you want.

By setting up a basketball hoop enhance your ability to play whenever you get the time and whenever you want. If you get a portable basketball hoop you don’t have to go to the basketball ground and wait for the basketball ground to get your turn to play. Nowadays people remain so busy whenever you want to play with play basketball but you don’t want to waste your time traveling all the way to the basketball ground and wait. Sometimes whenever you get to the basketball ground and can find out that it is already occupied by other people.

Lifetime basketball hoop

If you get a basketball hoop set up in your space when you will get the feeling to play basketball you can jump to your place start playing. Sometimes after traveling all the way to the basketball ground you lose interest in playing basketball so setting up a basketball hoop will help you in many ways but to set up your hoop first you need to know how to put together Spalding basketball hoop. This is a lifetime basketball playing opportunity for you. This article will help you step by step how can you set up your basketball hoop with less hassle.

First, you need to order

After deciding that you are going to put together a basketball hoop first you need to know what type of basketball hoop you can install in your chosen space. After making the choice you have to order the Basketball hoop. In this section you can choose a Spalding basketball hoop which is portable this will help you to move the basketball hoop whenever you want but if you put together a fixed basketball hoop you have to reserve that space only for playing basketball, on the other hand, a portable basketball hoop gives you the freedom of using that particular space whenever you need. First, you have to order the chosen one and this is the primary stage of setting up a basketball hoop.

Receiving the basketball hoop

When you receive the basketball hoop first you need to check if all the items you get in your package. Putting together a basketball hoop is the step we need to follow. To set up a basketball hoop you might need to use a pair of extra hands if you try to set up the whole basketball hoop in spending less time. This might really help you to save a lot more. When you receive and open the package and you should check for the manual of the basketball hoop. Sometimes it can be possible that the manual is too much complicated but looking at the manual you can get a clear view of what kind of equipment you need to set up the basketball hoop, you can also find out where you have to put what equipment.

Individual Portions of a basketball hoop

Setting a basketball hoop you need to set up 3 individual portions of a basketball hoop. And they are

The portable base

Basically a portable basketball hoop’s base is made of plastic having space in it, make sure you have got all the necessary Spalding basketball hoop parts out of the free space of the base. After collecting all the equipment, you have to start assembling the base. You can start putting the little wheels in the place where they meant to be and attach them with the screw provided. Most of the portable basketball bases have to fill with water and sandbags. Which helps the basketball pole stand still attached to the base.

The pole

The pole may come into different pieces first you need to gather all the necessary parts of the pole. To do that you can take the help of the manual. Here you can find the photo of how the pole should be assembled and what the necessary parts of the pole are. After putting all the pole sections in the perfect place you have to pound the pole till the time the dimples get aligned. You have to screw the pole with the base perfectly otherwise you will end up having a basketball hoop which is not straight.

The backboard

To set up the backboard you have to remove the plastic foil of the board. After that, you might need to make some holes in the frame of the backboard to add board pads with frame. You have to attach the rim and the net. Then you have to connect the springs in the back. Now you have to put all the equipment in its place. With portable basketball hoops, you can get the system of adjusting the height of the basketball backboard according to your needs.

Final touch

After setting all the 3 parts individually finally you have to attach all 3 parts of the basketball hoop together. In this section, you have to connect the base with the pole and the backboard with the pole and this way you can complete the process of setting up your basketball hoop. This way you can get a lifetime basketball hoop of your own. And t also gives you the chance to learn how to set up a basketball hoop of your own this way you can enhance your ability.

Benefits of having basketball hoop

  1. Portable basketball hoops give you the freedom of playing basketball whenever you want.
  2. Gives the chance to change the place of playing basketball.
  3. Spending quality time with family and friends.
  4. The height can be adjusted according to the height of the players.
  5. The hoop can be adjusted in a small place.
  6. Gives the knowledge of, how to put together a Spalding basketball goal?
  7. And the material used in portable basketball hoops is also a good quality product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:        Can you trust online sellers to buy a basketball hoop?

A:        There are trusted sellers you have chosen the right one for you. For this, you might search on e-commerce sites to find the best seller. And you also get the chance to compare the price range and choose the best one for you.

Q:        Is it a wise decision to set up a Basketball hoop in your own place?

A:        If you are a basketball fan then definitely it can be a great option for you. By setting up a basketball hoop enables you to play basketball no matter day or night.

Q:        What is the perfect height of a Spalding basketball hoop?

A:        The height of a spalding basketball hoop can be adjusted from 7.5 to 10 feet in general. But as it is a self -owned basketball hoop one can adjust the height the feel comfortable.


For personal entertainment learning how to set up a basketball hoop can make a significant change in your life. When you set up a portable basketball hoop you get the ownership and by playing this sport you can keep yourself healthy and fit. This sport can have a great impact on the physical of a person. Furthermore, a Spalding basketball hoop is very convenient to use as they have the feature of taking all the parts apart and shift the place as you shift your home you will have the opportunity to take it with you and set it again in free space.

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