If you are finding it hard to play table tennis, which is also called ping pong ball, then you are in the right place. Playing table tennis is fun. This is an exclusive article guide on How to play table tennis well and tips about table tennis. Well, before the table tennis game gets started, the server and the receiver will be decided. Learning this game has so much fun.

You Have To Play With Someone

You most likely need to start by playing somebody who is at about your ability level or somewhat better and ideally somebody who isn’t forcefully aggressive. Along these lines, you can have a ton of fun figuring out how to play. You can play one-on-one, or you can play with two groups of two, which is known as copies. And you need somebody who has guideline ping pong balls, paddles, and a table in the event that you don’t approach any!

Learning How To Grip The Paddle

There are two regularly utilized styles of gripping the paddle: the pen grasp (penhold) and the shake and hold. Notwithstanding how you grasp the paddle, it’s imperative to carry it freely to enable your wrist to move uninhibitedly.

In the event that your clench hand is grasped around the handle, the vast majority of your power for returns will originate from your arm, not your wrist, and you won’t be as exact – table tennis tips for beginners.

First Server Decision

As per the official International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) rules, the privilege to pick whether to serve initially is resolved “by using a lot” (for example flipping a coin or drawing straws, and so forth.), with the champ picking either whether to serve first or which side the person in question needs.

On the off chance that the person who winds picks whether to serve or to get, the rival player or group gets the opportunity to choose which side of the table they will play on, and the other way around.

Serving the Ball

From behind the end line, the ball ought to be removed from your free hand vertically at least 16 cm (6 in) and then hit with the table tennis paddle, so it first hits your side of the table once and then goes over the net and hits your rival’s side.

Returning The Ball

After a return or a serve, the ball might be returned over or around the net to any point on the rival’s side of the table. The ball must be returned after it must have bounce once on your side, however before it bounces twice or hits the floor or any item off the table

Scores and Point

For each game, the main player to arrive at 11 points wins that game, anyway, a set must be won by in any event a two-point edge. A point is scored after each ball is placed into play (not exactly when the server wins the end as in volleyball). The advantages of the table are a piece of the legitimate table surface, however not the sides.

Win The Game

So as to win, one must be ahead by two points. On the off chance that the players or groups are tied at 10-10 or 20-20, for instance, the ordinary request of administration continues, yet the serve exchanges sides after each point rather than after each two.

Table Tennis Strategy

When you have started playing this game, you will start noticing your strength and your weakness. Picking your strategy is one of the best ways to balance both.

Control players

Much the same as their name says they like to have control consistently and accordingly once in a while go out on a limb. They don’t crush very regularly and keep it customary.

Cautious players

This kind of player attempts to commit their rival to make errors instead of concentrating on a single game.

Hostile players

This player is commonly truly forceful, concentrating on topspin and consistency. They can put the ball well overall and unmistakably understand turn.

Power players

No tricking here, control players depend chiefly on speed to entangle their adversaries.

Table Tennis Rules and Regulations

  •  At 10-10, every player serves once just like this until one player sets up a noteworthy lead and wins.
  • After each game, the players exchange both the finish of the table from which they are playing, just as who serves and gets the ball first.
  • Ping pong is played over a pre-concurred number of games, and the first to 11 points wins each game.
  • The flip of a coin or another type of part drawing figures out which of the players will serve first.
  • Each table tennis player serves twice thusly and serves must be produced using an open palm, the ball hurled six inches at that point struck, so it rebounds on the administration side, clears the net, at that point bobs on the recipient’s side.
  • In the choosing round of a match, the players swap finishes after either player arrives at five.

Source: wikihow

Questions and Answers

Is Table Tennis An Easy Game?

Table tennis is a complex sport, with a lot of spinning, different shots, fast spacing, and styles. But to play table tennis well just you have to capture the technique.

What is table tennis?

Table tennis, which can also be called a ping pong is a game of two or four players, in which they hit a lightweight celluloid ball back and forth. This is done across a large table with a small net dividing the table.


In summary, table tennis is one of the best sports worldwide because you benefit from it mentally and physically. I hope this article on How to play table tennis well assists you in achieving greatness. As a table tennis player, you should always come up with different strategies, but you should never repeat the same approach, and this is a simple table tennis tips for advanced players.

And also, these games need a lot of concentration before the game starts to use your imagination and critically picture how the game is going to be like. This is one of the essential table tennis tricks to win. One of my table tennis serve tricks is that you should always choose your tools wisely, attack whenever you can, and mix up your serve spin and length.

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