Having a basketball hoop is an amazing part but they cause something dangerous. Sometimes accidents occur regarding Basketball hoops. Portable basketball hoops are also heavy as it is not fixed with the ground there remain chances to fall over. Sometimes things happen like a player scoring in the goal with the basketball and accidentally he pulls the basketball goal rime downward and that is when the accident occurs by falling the backboard on the player. Things can happen so easily that the player might not even get the time to move before something terrible happens. We should know hoop setting properly to keep basketball hoop from falling over.

The pole and the backboard of a basketball hoop is so heavy if accidentally the blackboard happens to hit in the head of a player he might get severe injuries that and might have injuries in bones of his body. this is why being cautious to avoid injuries is necessary to do so one can use

  • Sand
  • Water
  • Base Gel

Buy this you can enjoy your lifetime basketball hoop and learn how to keep a basketball hoop from falling over, also some company give warranty for their product.

Why it is important to save your lifetime basketball hoop?

Basketball hoops are not that not a cheap you have to buy it for money so it becomes your asset and this serves you for the entertainment purpose but if you fail to prevent it from falling you or your family and friends might get injured during playing or your basketball hoop going to destroy. It is your duty to save your lifetime basketball hoop and also not to get injured and ensure the safety.

Moving a portable basketball hoop

A portable basketball hoop can be moved according to one needs. moving basketball hoops can be hard sometimes. A favourite feature of a portable basketball hoop is that they are very much convenient to change place. Most of the basketball hoop has wheels at the base so that they can change place by pushing not lifting the heavyweight.

How much weight can a basketball rim hold

How much weight can a basketball rim hold depends on what material the rim and the base are made of? There are two types of basketball rim and they are medium-weight flex rim and a heavyweight flex rim. The hole size of a heavy-weight flex rim 5” x 5” bolt hole pattern and have eighteen inches in diameter. On the other hand medium-weight flex rim has3” x 4” bolt hole pattern and they are only used in Goalrilla Basketball Systems. In general, a basketball rim can hold a load of 230 pounds.

How to level a portable basketball hoop?

To play in your own portable basketball hoop first you need to know that your basketball hoop is leveled on a plain surface if not then it’s a major problem for you. You have to set up your basketball hoop’s base on a plain surface otherwise it might shake with the little wind or it can also fall with a simple push. levelling your portable basketball hoop is important.

Sand for basketball hoop’s base

Most of the portable basketball hoop has a base where sandbag or simply sand can be used to make the base heavy so that the basketball pole and the backboard can stand still and furthermore sand is heavier than water but removing sand to move the basketball hoops quite difficult. If you want to move your hoop you have to take out sand first but to make ease in this process sandbags can be handy. Sandbags are also very helpful as all the sand will be in it and the place will remain clean and clear. On the other hand if you use sand directly it can be a mess.

Water for the base of your basketball hoop

There are plenty of manufacturers of basketball hoop give u the option to fill the base of the basketball goal with water these types of base can be filled with sand too. If you fill the base with water you can easily fill it as water is available rather than sand like you don’t have to go to shops to buy sand but you can simply use household using water.

If you use water there are some demerits too like water gets esteemed and it is less heavy than sand. And you have to keep an eye on when the amount of water decreases you have to fill it in again and that can be annoying thing sometimes.

Using basketball base gel to make it heavier

The base gel is a super absorbent polymer basically base gel can absorb 400 times more weight than water. The base gel has to use by water. First, you have to put 2/3 of base gel in the base of the basketball hoop later you have filled the half of the space of that base with water and put the rest gel in it. Again you have to fill the space with water. Base gels basketball are environmentally friendly and they also fill up holes if there is any in the base. The base gel helps to keep the basketball hoop from falling. The useable time of base gel is near about 7 years and they can weight the base heavier than any substance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does basketball hoop contribute to your life?

A: A basketball hoop is a source of entertainment and passing the time and while playing it helps to keep your body fit.

Q: Do you think wind can make your basketball hoop fall?

A: Basketball backboard on basketball hoop can sometimes block the way of wind and then the hoop can fall.

Q: Is it wiser to use Base gel rather than water and sand?

A: As the base gel is heavier than water and sand and has a long-lasting life base gel is a good option. The base gel is also environment-friendly.

Q: How to move a basketball hoop filled with sand?

A: Moving a basketball hoop base filled with sand will require moving out all the sands you have put in to hold it. This process is harder than the water base basketball hoop.


Portable Basketball hoops are to help people to have a basketball hoop of their own so that they can spend and enjoy time with their family and loved ones. Knowing how to keep basketball hoop from falling over can help to avoid an unnecessary accident and save it from breaking into pieces as it is not that cheap like you are not going to buy it again and again. To use it wisely you have to install it perfectly and take care of it hoop.