Do you have an interest in playing badminton? Or you are planning to buy some of the badminton items like a badminton racket? Worry not, the most important thing in this is, you need to consider some of the factors that guide the buying a badminton racket. I prepared this guide to help you know how to choose the best badminton racket for intermediate players. Your best selection of this intermediate badminton racket will land you into an appropriate item since you have a lot of interest in playing badminton. You need to choose a racket which is in a medium-size, one which is not too heavy and not too light.

Doing this requires support from the badminton professionals who will give you necessary support on the best rackets for the game. Therefore, the information below will provide you with adequate ideas on how to choose the right badminton racket for you to play the game.  You will highly experience the clear adventure of the game.

String Tension

This is the immediate factor you look for when you plan to buy a badminton racket, some of them have fragile tensions that make play uncomfortable. String tension is a factor that you must keep in mind at the time you decide to acquire the best badminton racket.

To test the racket’s to tension, you just need to carry it manually, press your palm on the strings, and note its fairness or strength. Therefore, the shallow sunken depth of the string of about 1mm deep, makes it good for experienced badminton players. For the game newbies, you only require a depth of about 22-24 lbs to be the racket’s tension. They make playing activity manageable and straightforward. The type of badminton racket keeps on varying within different regions depending on weather conditions.

Badminton Racket Hand Grip

The racket has got different handgrip sizes. This is an advantage to suit different players and even individuals with an interest in playing the game. Here is consideration of the appropriate grip;

  • Badminton Grip Sizes

The badminton racket always comes with four different grips. Each size will suit the player depending on the size of the hand. Moreover, smaller size, medium-size players, and individuals who prefer receptions games will run for smaller sizes. You need to choose your preferred badminton grip, which makes you much comfortable while using.

  •  Nature of Badminton Grips

Beware of two best nature of badminton grips, you may decide on synthetic or towel types. Note that, towel grips are always softer as well as good sweat absorber. They don’t accumulate germs and bacteria upon usage. On the other hand, synthetic grip tends to be less messy, and they are slick. Your choice for the best racket will give you a comfortable play.

Racket Weight

Best badminton rackets always have a particular weight. Note that, the best racket always weight ranges from 80g-100g. Therefore, very lightweight badminton rackets are greatly recommended for the game’s newbies. Since you learn simple skills in badminton, you just need to handle lightweight racket for your perfection.

On the other hand, you may be able to experience in a badminton game, and due to this, you decide to look for the best racket. Worry not, land on these heavyweight badminton rackets, their weight varies from 3U-4U, using these rackets creates great stability as well as increasing the speed of the game. This has a great advantage in that. You will play your game appropriately without any fatigue.

Balance Point

Badminton rackets can be easily identified according to their balance points.  It is very easy to determine the balance point of a racket. Here are three major rackets balances you need to consider; Head-Heavy Balance, Head-Light Balance, and Even-Light Balance.

  • Head-Heavy Balance

This type of racket has more weight towards its head; about 80% of badminton players prefer this because it increases power in the strokes. Moreover, the racket is suitable for professional players who play major games like; Olympic Games or even any other stiff competition games.

  • Head-Light Balance

These rackets have less weight towards the head, and the lightness makes it very easy to be used by about 90% of newbies badminton players. They are very easy to control with a single hand. Moreover, Head-Light balance rackets provide flexible play for stiff competition. This gives you a good choice why you should consider this kind of badminton racket.

  • Even Balance

Here, the racket is designed in that there is even distribution of weight in all parts. It is suitable for players who are not sure about the playing style you opt for. It makes your participation much active and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Hey, How do I choose A Good Badminton Racket?

A: It is unfortunate that most people who have an interest in badminton game just buy the racket of their favorite. You must select a racket of which you feel very comfortable. A racket that gives you a lot of strength. Therefore, you are supposed to consider; weight, the shape of the frame, stiffness of shaft, among others.
Q: How do we Play badminton game?

A:  playing badminton is very easy, it entails hitting the shuttle over the net to land on the opponent’s side using a racket. The hitting can be slowly or faster, depending on the speed of the game. The rally is taken at the beginning and at a time when a score has been made. The player who manages to win two sets out of three is declared to be the winner.

Final Verdict

Badminton game is an exciting game, playing it entails many enjoyments aspects. You need to identify your suitable badminton racket which will suit your conditions. You need to use the above information on buying the right racket for the game.  By doing this, you will acquire a good item for the play.
Players with a lot of interest in playing the game, professional players have a good reason why to get better rackets. You may be worried about the cost of this badminton racket, but they come at pocket-friendly prices. By now, I hope the above tips on how to choose a badminton racket for Intermediate will help you make the right purchase the best badminton racket for the intermediate player.