What Are The Best Ping Pong Balls | Reviews and Recommendation

If you have been searching for the coolest ping pong balls? Then you are in the right place. There are different types of ping pong balls. In this article, you will find out; what are the best ping pong balls and how you can choose the best ping pong balls for your sports. The best one depends on how they are made and what are materials used.

With the help of this article, you will be able to purchase the best ping pong ball and will not be confused when you see a plenty of options to choose from. By getting the best ping pong ball, your game won’t be messed up, and you will play like a pro. First of all, let’s start with;

What is a ping pong ball?

A ping pong ball is made from plastics or celluloid, which is a composition of camphor and nitrocellulose. This ping pong ball has a matte finish and is filled with air. It has a mass of about 2.7 grams and 40 mm in diameter.

Nittaku Premium Table Tennis Balls

The Nittaku Premium 40+ are ITTF approved and also legal tournament ping pong balls for all ITTF. These ping pong balls are non-celluloid, and they have excellent bounce.

They are round, durable, with high-quality and consistency. When playing with the Nittaku premium, you will feel the control where the ball lands.

Nittaku Premium 40+


  • The Nittaku Premium 40+ are perfectly round
  • These balls are durable and safer
  • Made from poly
  • ITTF approved
  • They have outstanding features
  • Delivers amazing performance
  • Favored by professionals

STIGA 1-Star Table Tennis Balls

The Stiga 3 star ping pong ball is one of the well-known brands when it comes to ping pong or table tennis balls. This ball is approved by the (USATT) United States of America Table Tennis. It is entirely International standard with about 40 mm in size.

Stiga 3-star are orange ping pong balls, which makes them very visible and also provides an excellent bounce.

Stiga 3 star


  • The Stiga 3-star has good bounce, spin, and control
  • These balls are USATT approved
  • The high-quality of these balls makes them unique
  • It is a 3-star rating ball, and it comes in a package of 6 balls
  • 40 mm in size
  • ITTF approved

JOOLA Table Tennis Balls

The JOOLA is outdoor table tennis balls that are specially produced to withstand all types of weather conditions. These ping pong balls are perfect for playing outdoors, and they can last through humidity, heat, cold, UV rays, and do much more. Get Joola and start playing like a champion even under the rain.

JOOLA Ping Pong Balls


  • Superior quality
  • Keep the party going all night
  • It can be played through all types of weather

Butterfly Ping Pong Balls

The Butterfly ping pong balls are made of top-notch Polystyrene material, making them safe and durable. They arrive in a noticeable white shading, which makes them appealing just as distinguishable during a professional ping pong game.

The butterfly G40+ is a 3-star rating, which makes them ideal for any game, be it official or practice. Right now the butterfly ping pong balls are the absolute best ping pong balls accessible in the market.

Butterfly Ping Pong Balls


  • It comes in 12 balls in a pack
  • Made with plastic and high-quality polystyrene
  • Has great bounce
  • Very round
  • ITTF approved

MAPOL Orange Premium Ping Pong Balls

The Mapol is one of the best table tennis training balls used by players in training, who need to improve their table tennis aptitudes. In the case that the ball is lost or distant, they can be easily seen because of their unique orange color.

The balls have a decent turn on them and are amazingly fun. Control is splendid also. Mapol brand has been producing awesome balls with excellent quality for a while now.

Mapol Ping Pong Balls

The balls are likewise extremely smooth to hold and in this manner, feel good in any hand. The Mapol 3-star ping pong ball produces an excellent spin and power with makes them flawless and very good fit table tennis professionals.


  • The Mapol is highly advanced and impressive for training ball
  • Spin perfectly
  • Premium quality
  • Fine bounce
  • Good power
  • 40 mm smooth ball
  • The 3-star rating makes them high

KEVENZ 3 Star Balls review

The Kenvez 3-star are incredibly durable and elite balls. They are dependable and have the ideal turn and control required by proficient level players. These are made by best brand of ping pong balls.

These profoundly responsive balls are utilized by both expert and regular players. These balls come in white and orange colors, which are exceptionally very visible colors during a table tennis game.

KEVENZ 3 Star Balls

The balls work fine for ability improving yet are not ideal for authentic competitions. The Kenvens ping pong ball gives it’s players an excellent feeling when being played.

In the event that you attempt to contrast this and different models in its value run, the KEVENZ 3-Star 40mm Table Tennis Balls will get high ground, as far as quality, sturdiness, and execution.


  • Very attractive in color
  • Perfect for training
  • 100 balls in a package
  • It can withstand more than 1000 impact

Xushaofa 40+ Seamless Poly Table Tennis Balls

The Xushaofa 40+ is considered one of the favorite and best ping pong ball in the market. The balls have an elevated level of spin and bounce. The balls are additionally somewhat more prominent than other table tennis balls.

This ping pong ball is a 3-star ball that means it is sturdy, durable, and they have a good bounce, which is perfect for professional game practice.

Xushaofa 40+

The Xushaofa are hard plastic balls, which is route superior to anything most celluloid made balls accessible all over. The ball doesn’t have to change direction, which is astonishing in reality.


  • Made with high-quality material
  • ITTF approved
  • It has a good bounce
  • USATT approved
  • More durable and very safe
  • Good spin

GOGO 3-Star Ping Pong Balls

The Gogo 3-star table tennis balls are top-notch premium balls that are ideal for all-around play. This ping pong ball comes in white and orange color, which can be used for both relaxation home play or tournament. They are lightweight because it is made with celluloid material.

Being lightweight gives the balls an additional skip, which is reliable. The table tennis balls likewise have a remarkable turn and more extended volleys.

Gogo 3-star

The Gogo 3-star table tennis balls have a consistent 40mm plan, settling on them the perfect decision for proficient training sessions and any competition.

The Gogo table tennis ball is of premium quality with a 3-star ping pong ball rating. Most ping pong players have exceptionally suggested the Gogo 3-star balls.


  • These balls come in white and orange color
  • ITTF approved
  • The right choice for leisure
  • Comes with about 144 balls

Questions And Answers

What does the star mean on ping pong balls?

In ping pong ball, the 1-star and the 2-star balls are less reliable, and they are being purchased in packs of 100 to 200 for practice. While the 3-star speaks to be the best balls, and they are perfect for tournaments and matches.

Has the ping pong always be made of celluloid?

Of course, No. The non-celluloid ping pong plastic balls have always been used for decades in competition. The recreational low-quality ping pong plastic balls have been accessible.

Why did ITTF make this resolution for a new plastic ball?

The new resolution was made because the celluloid, which is also plastic, is a combustible material and has been prohibited from shipping and storing guidelines.

Celluloid was at one time a broadly utilized modern plastic. However, it is never again a typical material. Source: paddle palace

Are celluloid balls no longer legal?

Celluloid balls are always legal for sports. Celluloid balls are still ITTF approved. Source: paddle palace

What is the standard size of a table tennis ball?

The ping pong ball or table tennis ball was changed from 38mm to 40 mm in size in year 2000.

Are ping pong balls and table tennis balls the same?

Of course, yes. They are practically the same game.

What is the difference between the 1-star and 3-star ping pong balls?

The 1-star ping pong balls are bought in large quantities pack of 100 – 200, while the 3-star ping pong balls are kept for real tournaments. According to sports.stakexchange

What is the new ping pong ball rule?

After first July 1st, 2014, it was passed that one must use non- celluloid plastic. Source: paddle palace

Final Verdict

Finally, I am sure this article explains what are the best ping pong balls; and how consistent the ping pong balls must be. This ball has a breaking odds, and also they have been fabricated from the best polystyrene.

You should also ensure that the rating isn’t beneath two stars, as this sort of balls usually is exceptionally low-quality. Continuously ensure that the balls you have obtained are not overrated. A significant expense doesn’t invariably mean they will furnish you with higher quality.

Ultimately, you should also try to pick a ball, as indicated by your inclinations. Although a ping pong ball may have a 3-star or even a higher rating, it might not be suitable for you. Continuously ensure you are alright with the ball you are playing with. I hope this article was useful and accommodating.

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