Best Tennis Strings for Intermediate Player

Do you love playing tennis? If so, you understand the importance of having the right equipment. Having the right strings on your racket is important can greatly improve your game. We have provided you with the best tennis strings for an intermediate player to help you make the right choice. The strings we picked are not only affordable but also provide more power and spin.
Nevertheless, we spend more time choosing the right racquet and mere minutes on the strings? After your little training and experience in the tennis sport, you should get the right tennis string for the game. In most instances, tennis strings are considered to be the same. Every racket has different strings, and some are way better than others. Depending on your game, the type of tennis strings you choose can help you win or lose the game. Get it right!

Best Tennis Strings for Intermediate Player Reviews

With a wide range of products, it can be tough to pick quality strings for your racket. The following are the top 10 best products that are designed for intermediate tennis players.

Luxilon Alu Power 125

The quality of the material used to make a product comes first to mind. A very important feature to always consider. This racquet string is made up of aluminium material. It greatly enhances the power and control of playability. Additionally, the material can resist atmospheric conditions such as moisture. It’s a perfect tennis string for power.
It has achieved a massive appeal from lots of players. This string gives you 125 ALU power. It is also a 16 gauge racket string that helps the feeling and the control of the ball. Additionally, keep in mind that the softer the ALU power, the more comfort you get.
The string is strongly and well built. It can withstand long hours of playability. You don’t have to worry about changing the strings or purchasing a new one after a short time.

What we like

  • Gives you excellent power and control
  • Makes the racket fun and greater to hit
  • Gives a soft and easy comfort on the arm
  • Has the ability to handle much abuse
  • The strings are of good quality

What we don’t like

  • Tends to create loose tension since it stretches
  • A bit expensive

Babolat RPM Blast String

It features a large contact surface of the natural gut fibre bands that enhances the durability of the string. It is has a thermogut technology that resists moisture and humidity that might cause rust. The string is also made of a bombolat material that gives you the best feeling of playability.
The string is great and strong to hold tension well and allows you to make that topspin. This saves you the time and energy to keep adjusting to have the same feeling with the racket. In my opinion, this the best string for topspin. Topspin string is needed to get the Best Tennis Racquet for an Intermediate Player.
The string is more than what you would expect in terms of being user-friendly and responsive. With the use of such a string, you can easily adapt to the racket. However, if you are used to a stiff string, you will find this one least different. You will be amazed at how it feels.

What we like 

  • It provides an amazing topspin
  • The strings are durable
  • They provide a good amount of power to your shots
  • Has the ability to hold tension perfectly
  • Gives an excellent comfort

What we don’t like

  • The strings do not hold tension
  • They tend to break easily with hard hits

Wilson NXT String Reviews

It’s the best tennis string for is natural and has 17 gauge multifilament that enhances the power and control of the playability. With the 40 feet string set, you can be sure of amazing results. Additionally, it’s one of the best synthetic gut strings in the market. It also feels and plays very much like a natural gut to hasten its abilities.
The string is designed to enhance the level of the drop and spin shots. With the string, you can confidently feel the racket grip on the ball, which can improve your gaming abilities. However, you have to keep in mind that it quickly wears out. The string is easy on the arm; thus, you don’t experience pain while playing. It’s a pretty great string. It’s a great string to use.

What we like

  • The string is friendly on the arm
  • It gives you a racket grip on the ball
  • Has the ability to enhance your drop and spin shoots
  • It gives you a great feeling of power and control
  • Friendly and comfortable

What we don’t like

  • It tends to break on harder hits
  • Wear quickly as compared to other strings
  • Cannot hold power and control for long

Head RIP Control Tennis Racket String

With a harder topspin, it accentuates the spin with its texture to give a nice soft spin that is powerless. The spin is also gentle to the elbow. The thicker gauge of the tennis racquet stringing gives you longer playability. Although it’s a little softer, it requires you to play with a higher tension. Since it doesn’t affect the tennis elbow, it, in return, provides you with an excellent grip for the topspin of the ball.
Additionally, they are the best strings made with no vibration, has a clean crisp and just give ultimate amazing control. It actually works to suit every need. It comes with a great touch and feel. For instance, if you make a shot, it is rewarded with precision every time. It has more elasticity and power for a great price. It gives comfort to the arm, and it hurts less. Never feel afraid to over hit. Own your game!

What we like

Best for advanced players looking for synthetic blend
Has a great balance for power and control
Can handle harder topspin
The shots sound better
Gives you much feeling when you hit the ball hard

What we don’t like

  • Tends to lose tension after a short period
  • It has lacking power

Luxilon Big Banger Original String

First, the string is super durable and can be able to hold on for longer periods of timeframe. Being a top tennis string, you can easily generate a good amount of power and spin effectively. I bet with this string, your match congers. Furthermore, the string comes in excellent condition at a very reasonable price.
It is also the softer version of ALU power. This basically means that the string will provide more comfort when you are using it. The string also features a durable material hence reduces the risks of wear and tear. Moreover, with its affordable price, the string is user-friendly. No pain is experienced when you are trying to spin that ball. With Luxilion Big Banger, you can experience a 100% tension maintenance. With the great features, the strings come with, and it’s the most popular string as it is highly reviewed. Check out its great features!

What we like

  • Can generate a good amount of power and spin effectively
  • It’s very soft on the arm
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • The strings come in a very excellent condition
  • It’s a high-quality string that fits well

What we don’t like

  • Tends to break easily
  • At times they are not gentle on the elbow

Solinco-Tour Bite Tennis String Silver

If you are looking for a string with less power but more spinning performance, then you probably should consider this. It’s the best tennis string for spin and power. Besides, the string is amazing! It allows you to hit the ball while maintaining control and spin. The string also has a nice make to last longer without losing tension.

In most instances, the top spin is more consistent that drives the ball at a certain pace and control. It gives me no doubts that it might just be the best string for tennis elbow. It is comfortable and arm-friendly. This allows you to grip the ball well; hence you can lower the tension without losing track of the spin and control. Moreover, it’s a newly developed high versatile string that is made up of co-poly material. On top of it, it generates extreme power for an intense spin.

What we like

  • Great string for light-weight rackets
  • Gives a perfect ball control
  • Cheaper ALU power alternative
  • Gives much power for the playability
  • Has a high performance and durability

What we don’t like

  • It does not play well with all arms
  • Tends not to last long, breaks easily

Tecnifibre X-One BiPhase

It is mostly recommended for intermediate players and beginners. Best for the players that have a spot string. This multifilament tennis string is an ultimate product when it comes to ease of use and power control. It stands out as one of the best power strings in the market. It’s also a squash you have found as it retains tension and stays solid for a longer period.
The strings are very soft and probably good for those looking for a string that is easier on the body. It provides more power when one is hitting. It’s common for multifilament to provide power and comfort, but this Tecnifibre X-One Bi-phase does it to the maximum. It also does an amazing job when it comes to shock absorption, which in return limits the risks of getting your hand injured. If you are looking for the most durable tennis string, then consider this as an ideal pick. Its features are of top-notch.

What we like

  • Good for lower levels
  • They provide an incredible power
  • It’s a very soft and resilient string
  • Retains tension and stays solid for a long time
  • It has a multifilament

What we don’t like

  • It needs a regular restring after a couple of plays
  • Has a muted feel

Wilson Champions Choice

In most of the tennis string types, these strings are more expensive, but worth your pennies. I would probably recommend this kind of string if you are intending to try playing tennis once or twice a week. It gives you an amazing feeling on the shoulder with no pain.The performance of the string is great
The guts are sturdy to give up to 58 lbs struck with excellent control. It also allows you to place the ball where you want and spin it with a pace of your choice. The string durability is great, and it gives a nice pop when struck. With these great features, this can just be a perfect choice for one who is for a regular workout string. The string can maintain the tension, and it does not allow breaks. On top of that, it is a blend of the natural gut with Luxilion ALU power that is rough.

What we like

  • Has a great elasticity and tension maintenance
  • Offers an amazing feeling on the shoulders
  • It gives an awesome pop when struck
  • Can be suitable for regular workouts
  • Best comfortable when playing

What we don’t like

  • The price tends to be a bit expensive
  • Cannot withstand longer periods

Babolat VS Touch BT7

It features a protective coating that enhances the natural guts, thus making the string the best tennis string tension. The thermogut coating on the string increases the longevity and the durability of the string. Additionally, it also can resist humidity.More to the coating, the new coating tends to play stiffer than the Touch BT7 but still brought out the comfort and amazing pop.
It is highly recommended for players that are looking for comfort, power, and great tension maintenance. This tennis strings can be suitable for intermediate and advanced player. Besides, if you are suffering from tennis elbow or other injuries, you can try this out. With its super tension maintenance, you can comfortably string it at a high level to gain more comfort. The string is built with natural elastic fiber that reduces the unrivaled comfort. However, the string stays crispy when played at high tension without losing comfort.

What we like

  • Comes with a protective coating
  • Has a natural gut
  • Offers great power and feel
  • Gives an excellent tension maintenance
  • Its arm friendly

What we don’t like

  • The performance is questionable as the string easily frays
  • Offers a less spin to gain more

Prince Synthetic Gut

If you are a beginner, probably into recreational activities or a home’s stinger, then this is the perfect string to go for. The string gives a soft feel as compared to other synthetic guts. It probably can be the best tennis strings for intermediate player gauge in the market. It offers amazing playability at an affordable price as it is less inexpensive.
Prince synthetic gut gives the best value for money, especially for players who are looking for affordable strings. Even though the string gives less power, comfort like other durable high strings, it is still the perfect string for one to start off. In most cases, synthetic guts are not the same as natural guts. All in all, this string is great for its value. It is a type of synthetic gut that is easier on your hands and offers very soft comfort and solid feel. At least there is something for beginners.

What we like

  • It is suitable for beginners
  • Features a duraflex material that ensures durability and consistency
  • It’s softer than most synthetic fibers
  • Pretty much affordable
  • It is arm and user-friendly

What we don’t like

  • Provides less power
  • Less control

Things to consider when buying the best tennis strings

Despite the magnitude of different strings in the market available for the consumers, it still narrows down to how you can choose perfect tennis strings. However, it all depends on their preferences. Although preferences do not sum it all up, there are a variety of more things you should consider before buying a tennis string.

The material

You should look at the material and make sure that you have the right material. Most of the strings are made from tennis racquet stringing material that is durable and long-lasting. Go for a material that can withstand a variety of climatic changes to prevent the risks of wear and tear. Due to technology advancements, some of the materials have fallen out of place, and some remained. Currently, most of the strings are made from natural gut, polyester, and nylon. However, different materials have different durability and go for a material that you prefer and work well with you.

String construction

Checking out for the string material is just a quarter of what you need to have on your mind. Have you ever thought that the design and construction of the string can affect the comfort of the racquet? I guess not for most of you! Well, its construction is just another important feature you need to consider. There are various construction of the string. We have the multifilament, where multiple filaments are wrapped into one string while monofilament features one filament. Solid core with the outer core is the most popular used with nylon material. Textures and composites are also types of string construction. These constructions are different, and one outweighs the other. So make the right decision.

String tension

This is the most difficult and hard decision to make. By now, you should know that the string tension has an impact on your comfort and playability. However, higher tension strings tend to create excellent durability and control. Lower tension strings give more comfort, feel, and a beginner, I would recommend you to start with a low tension string as it gives you the confidence to keep playing more. As you advance, or for advanced players, you can choose what you feel is perfect as you understand the game.

Your skills

Are you just starting to play? Probably you are less skilled, and you have no idea of how to do it like the professionals. In most cases, choose a string that does not require a lot of skills. There are way better-advanced strings suitable for beginners. Durable and synthetic strings are best for beginners.

Injuries likely to be caused

You should probably sample the strings and know which ones are most likely to cause harm. You wouldn’t want to experience injuries in the middle of your game. Every string is designed to serve different purposes. Some strings are gentle on the arm while others are rough and can cause pain. Multifilament strings tend to reduce the stress on your arm and help you prevent the risk of injuries.

String gauges

The gauge simply refers to the thickness or thinness of the string, and it is an essential factor to consider. Various people prefer different types of gauges. In most cases, the gauge is always marked with an L letter and registered on a scale of 15 to 19. However, thinner strings have shown great capabilities of outweighing the thicker ones. This is because with a thinner string, you will achieve soft, great playability, and it’s easy to spin. Whilst the thicker strings tend only to provide durability. Before we look into durability, we need to ensure comfortability and ease of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should change the tennis strings for an intermediate player?

A: Well, strings tend to wear and tear after some time. You should watch out for that to ensure that you keep your racquet in place. In most cases, if you are a player that plays all around a year, then I would recommend you change your strings at about four times a year.

Q: Do tennis strings loose tension?

A: Yes. tennis strings lose tension. The intermediate player should be aware that all tennis strings lose an amount of tension from the moment they are fixed on to a racquet. About 15 pounds of tension is lost in a minute.

Final Verdict

Tennis strings play a very important role in enhancing the game, but in most cases, no one cares about them. Having the best tennis strings for the intermediate player can enhance the experience the individual undergoes. The best strings for each one of you are out here, but you just have to do some research to come with the right decision. Understanding the features, material, and construction of every string can enhance your decision making. With this, you will find the right string that hits the court with an amazing experience. Make a step and take your gaming capabilities to another level.

Additionally, you should know that the strings you put on your racquet can make a great difference in how you play the game. So basically, you should just take your time and decide on which kind of strings will help you make a difference in your game and make you better eventually. If you succeed in this, then you will notice the benefits in terms of how you strung the ball, and nothing hinders you. Despite how often we overlook strings when purchasing a racquet, they greatly serve a big deal. With this tennis strings for intermediate player review guide, I guess you will make the right choice.

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