Playing tennis can be for a professional purpose or just for fun. For whatever reason you are playing tennis, it makes you improve your health conditions. Tennis can be a very disappointing game, especially for beginners. You should, therefore, not expect such an outstanding performance as a beginner. After a lot of practice, you will love this game additionally, you need to get the best tennis racquet for the intermediate players.

In playing tennis, the type of racquet you are supposed to use is directly related to the level that you are in. Hey, tennis newcomer? I have noticed that after a lot of practice, you have learned basic tennis moves, and I think you qualify for the next level. It is, therefore, time to leave your beginner lightweight tennis racquet behind because you are now an intermediate tennis player.

For an intermediate tennis player, you need a much heavier racquet than that of a beginner player. At this level, it’s time to improve your control techniques. To achieve this, you should consider getting the best tennis racquet for an intermediate player. Get ready to win many more matches.

Best Tennis Racquet for Intermediate Player Reviews

We did extensive research to provide you with top spin tennis racquets that are suitable for tennis players. The following are our top picks that you can consider.




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Head Ti s6 Tennis Racquet

8.9 oz

4.9/5 4.8/5 4.9/5 Check Price On Amazon

Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet

11.3 oz

4.8/5 4.8/5 4.8/5 Check Price On Amazon

Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

9.1 oz

4.8/5 4.8/5 4.7/5 Check Price On Amazon

Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro

10.9 oz

4.7/5 4.8/5 4.7/5 Check Price On Amazon

Head MicroGel Radical

10.4 oz

4.6/5 4.8/5 4.7/5 Check Price On Amazon

Babolat Boost Drive

9.8 oz

4.3/5 4.8/5 4.7/5 Check Price On Amazon

Wilson Ultra Tennis Racquet

11.4 oz

4.7/5 4.8/5 4.7/5 Check Price On Amazon
Yonex Ezone Dr 100

11.1 oz

4.7/5 4.8/5 4.7/5 Check Price On Amazon

Prince Textreme Tour 95

11.8 oz

4.7/5 4.8/5 4.7/5 Check Price On Amazon

Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racket

The Wilson Tour Slam racket is the best intermediate tennis racket. It is great if you are a beginner to the Tennis game. It is also perfect if you play tennis for recreational purposes. That’s why it’s called a forgiving racket. If you are a novice, you’ll love it for its large Sweet spot, which helps it to propel the ball with fewer vibrations to your hands but with much power.

This racket is very light, making it very easy to handle, especially for beginners. If you like a powerful racket, then this racket is for you. It offers a perfect combination of power and control, and its length and weight will provide you with the right amount of maneuverability, momentum, and spin that’s quite okay for you as a beginner.

It has a thick but soft handle, which will give you more support so you can make shots easily. If you use it for some time, your backhands will improve significantly.That said, the Wilson Tour Slam racket is also quite affordable and comes n three colors that you can choose from.

Its frame is built on the Volcanic Frame Technology, which gives it extreme power and stability. Meaning, if you are using it, you’ll not be struggling to hit the ball. To increase stability, it was equipped with Stop Shock Pads that help in reducing vibrations to your hands after sticking the ball.

What we like

What we don’t like

  • Offers large Sweetspot for powerful and reliable shots
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Its headlight balance is great
  • Has a sturdy and solid construction
  • Light in weight making it the best women’s tennis racquet
  • Because it is very powerful, it can hinder your normal playing style
  • It has a very extensive grasp on its handle that’s not good if you have small hands
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Head Ti s6 Tennis Racquet

The Head Ti.s6 Tennis Racquet is known for its extreme maneuverability, a light frame, and a large sweet spot. It is the best intermediate tennis racquet because if you use it for long, you’ll notice that there will be a remarkable improvement in your backhand technique. This racket is very durable. You’ll not need to replace once you outgrow it or qualify for professional Tennis playing, you can keep it for life, provided you are still playing tennis.

Many beginners like the S6 for its great feel. It is the lightest tennis racquet compared to other racquets, yet it offers a sweet spot that’s large enough to give you very powerful hits. This makes it great if you are a player who wants to use less effort in your swing but get more power in your hits.

Additionally, its head is tightly strung to ensure it unleashes more power the moment it gets into contact with a ball. You’ll like the S6 for its ease of holding. Well, you might think this isn’t a very important factor, but remember if a racket is uncomfortable, there’s a likelihood that it will cause your arm to wear out, and you’ll suffer more from tennis-related injuries in your shoulders or arms.

What we like

What we don’t like

  • Offers remarkable reliability and quality. You can keep it for more than 10 years
  • Unique combination of control and power ensures it performs optimally for all players, regardless of their skill levels.
  • Its large beam and comfortable grip reduces injuries of the wrist or the arm
  • Has a moderate weight
  • Rigid frame is made of titanium alloy to reduce air resistance to make hits to be easier and faster
  • There are some vibrations in its handle when you hit the ball
  • The strings may be too loose and may break easily
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Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet

Pure Aero is the best tennis racquet for beginner to intermediate. No matter your level of skills, you’ll still find the Pure Aero to be useful. This unique black yellow/green powerhouse is synonymous with the names of great tennis players. This can be attributed to the huge amounts of power and spin it offers.

The Aero Pure is an embodiment of modern tennis playing because you can use it to unleash your fury and fire upon the ball to a devastating effect on your opponent. The fact that this racket works well in the hands of all players at every level of skills is perhaps what has made it very popular. Provided you are playing the right style, and this racket will suit you from the beginners level to the advanced level of tennis playing.

The Pure Aero will offer you an easy power coupled with topspin potential to provide you with a unique ubiquity regardless of your level of skills. The 2019 Pure Aero is less stiff compared to its predecessors but has the same balance and weight. This makes it more comfortable to handle during an impact.

If you are a fun of sticking the ball while at the baseline, this racket is for you, more so if you also like to put in more energy while striking the ball. It gives a remarkable racket seep for an outstanding spin and power.

What we like

What we don’t like

  • Offers great spins and power
  • Stable and is the best tennis racquet for control
  • Has a large sweet spot
  • Has a solid response and improved feel
  • The increased heft provides control making serving to be easier
  • It is hard to use it to control flat shots
  • Less control compared to previous versions
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Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

The Wilson Hyper Hammer is one of the best-selling racquets made by Wilson. Its design is meant to provide a perfect balance of control and power. The Hyper Hammer is among the best tennis rackets for intermediate players. It is also a great racket if you are playing for recreational purposes, and you want to generate more power but still maintain your balance.

The racket comes when it’s already strung, meaning you can get into the court and start playing immediately. This makes it easy for beginners and intermediate players since they don’t have to get the racket strung for them as a shop.

Although the Wilson Hyper Hammer emphasizes control and power, this has not made it have any extra weight. The racket is lightweight because it is built using Hyper Carbon, which weighs 65 percent less than titanium. Hyper Carbon is also 4x stronger and stiffer than titanium. This enables the racket to be sturdy to support very explosive shots. The Hyper Hammer has a resilient frame that will give you a good level of control that will enable you to hit the ball in the direction of your choice. That’s why it is considered the best tennis racquet for a female beginner.

The Hyper Carbon also increases the maneuverability of the racket, making it easy to use and to have an optimal feel for the shots. If you decide to use this racket, it is advisable to use a shock absorber to help reduce the level of vibration you’ll feel in your hands after hitting the ball.

What we like

What we don’t like

  • Very light compared too many other rackets
  • Has a heavy frame and larger beam to provide a substantial amount of power
  • Ready to play with because it comes pee-strung
  • Is has a good length to provide better reach and angles for serving
  • Accommodates players with both moderate and fast swings
  • When you swing it fully, it can generate excessive power
  • Less stable due to vibrations
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Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro

The Speed Pro packs Graphene 360 in its shaft. This isn’t a new technology, though, but it has been used intentionally to strengthen the shaft area and to allow the shifting of the racket’s weight towards its poles for ease of use and balance. The same Graphene 360 has also been used at its head to help in better transfer of energy by reducing twisting when the tennis racket hits the ball.

Compared to the previous models, the new Speed Pro offers easier depth and some extra pop that makes it easy to use. It makes the groundstrokes to penetrate easily through the court with perfect control. You’ll not feel like you want to come out of your shoes to unleash the finishing power. Once you buy this racket, you’ll stop wondering how to choose a tennis racquet for intermediate player since it will take care of all your tennis playing needs.

Its beam is a little thicker, which also contributes to its user-friendliness. This also gives it a more solid feel, maneuverability, and deft handling, especially when tackling the off-center hits. The Speed Pro cross strings are best and wider with an 18×20 pattern and greater spacing. This ensures the best string bed is more comfortable to use because of enhanced flexibility. It has a solid frame that provides great distance and directional control, which makes it the best tennis racquet for spin and control.

It will make your shots to have more natural heights, especially because of its large sweet spot, perfect spin, and extra pop. Its control is perfect even though the power and spin are up. If you are a fun of groove grounders, the Speed Pro is your right partner.

What we like

What we don’t like

  • Improved power
  • Has a more solid feel
  • Offers perfect maneuverability
  • Has great control
  • It is spin-friendly
  • Lacks feel on some shots
  • Has low swing weight
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Head MicroGel Radical Tennis Racket

Are you looking for a more versatile tennis racquet? Look no further. The head microgel radical tennis racquet is more versatile than you can imagine. It is suitable for intermediate players to help them achieve their goals. It is excellently, accurate, and responsive. You can be sure never to miss the tennis ball. Although it doesn’t produce compelling shots, the shot power is moderate.

As an intermediate player, the tennis game is usually very competitive. You are, therefore, prone to experience injuries if you don’t select the right tennis racquet. Head microgel radical design is in such a way that it reduces the chances of getting injured. The microgel technology in the racquet makes that possible. The technology aid in distributing ball impact through the frames is hence minimizing tension and vibration you feel in your hands.

The length of this racquet is 27 inches, and its head size is 98 square inches. This design is perfect for tennis players who are immediately changing from the beginner level to the intermediate level. The length is ideal for helping you with the coverage that you require to reach the ball. The head microgel radical tennis racquet also features 18*20 string patterns to maximize your accuracy and stability.

The head microgel radical tennis racquet is slightly heavy. At 10.4oz, it is neither too heavy nor very light. This weight is perfect for ensuring the player is well balanced. They can, therefore, swing and make their moves easily.

What we like

What we don’t like

  • It is suitable for both intermediate and advanced players
  • Makes it easier for the player to swing and make moves
  • Its length gives the player enough coverage
  • It ensures maximum stability and accuracy
  • Microgel technology minimize injuries
  • Does not provide powerful shots
  • The sweet spot is small
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Babolat Boost Drive Tennis Racquet

As a tennis player, you probably want to use a tennis racquet that will boost your confidence as you play. The racquet has to come from a trusted brand. Babolat boost drive as the best tennis racket brand. It is easy to hold this racquet, and therefore, you can make a move very fast. With fast moved, you can be sure of impressive performance. You aim to win nothing more.

Babolat boost drive has a head size of 105 square inches and 3 inches bulky. Being an intermediate tennis player, you want a power tennis racquet for competitive reasons. Babolat’s large head size helps the player in making powerful shots. With a wide area at the head, the racquet puts a lot of force on individual shots that you hit.

This tennis racquet for intermediate players’ design is in such a way that it reduces the vibration of the racquet. Minimal wave, the player is stable, and this brings a powerful and accurate shot. What are you waiting for? Do you want to be a tennis champion? At that point, this is the best tennis racquet for you. It gives the tennis player comfort when playing.

For a better grip, this tennis racquet features a considerable beam size of 27mm. This is an indication that you will also have full body support when shooting. It also features a 16*19 string pattern, which aids in maximizing your stability. Its weight is suitable for intermediate tennis players. Babolat boost drive tennis racquet helps you to play like a pro.

What we like

What we don’t like

  • Its head is heavy
  • A modern frame which contains carbon fiber
  • Suitable for intermediate players
  • Designed reduce racquet shaking
  • Utilizes Babolat spiral text synthetic gut
  • Does not come with vibration dampers
  • Give muted response to some players
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Wilson Ultra Tennis Racquet

For intermediate players looking for a tennis racquet with perfect control level and a lightweight feel, your search has finally come to an end. Wilson ultra-tennis racquet is a good tennis racket that gives players control due to its lightweight. It is also excellent for any play style that a player is interested in. Isn’t this tennis racquet impressive?

Wilson ultra-team tennis racquet features a light head that is about 645 square centimeters. It, therefore, offers protection to your arm and hands. This gives you excellent power and control over the racquet. With the light head, the player is also well balanced when playing. It also grants effortless shots to the player. You will, therefore, enjoy playing tennis for longer hours without feeling tired. That is worth the price.

Wilson ultra-team tennis racquet possesses the following features; 16*19 string pattern, 100 square inches head size, 27 inches length, 10.4 oz. Strung weight, 1pts strung balance, four ¼ inches to 4 3/8 inches grip sizes, and its composition is graphite. All these features give it the perfect head size, weight, and balance that are very critical and required by an intermediate tennis player.

Wilson’s ultra-team tennis racquet is pre-strung using Wilson sensation, which is the whole string to enhance arm comfort and superiority in tennis playing. This tennis racquet was stimulated by the style and outstanding performance of the ultra-franchise. It now has the best tennis ratings only because it is maneuverable and lightweight. That is what most players want.

What we like

What we don’t like

  • Lightweight makes it suitable for many players
  • Grip is very comfortable
  • Quality is good
  • String tension is very impressive
  • Frame is maneuverable
  • The weight may be too light for some players
  • Energy dispersion is not the best
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Yonex Ezone Dr 100

Yonex ezone DR 100 is the most comfortable of all tennis racquets. Why? It is very good at minimizing vibration through dampers making your arm feel very comfortable even when playing the toughest tennis game. Its head size is 100 square inches. With such a large head size, this tennis racquet gives the player stability and extra power to provide a sharp shot.

Yonex ezone dr 100 features a frame that offers a fifty-fifty combination of flexibility and stiffness. This is enough to help you in making powerful shots and, at the same time, remaining flexible. It also helps you in making faster moves without missing any chance. As an intermediate player using Yonex ezone dr 100, you should be assured of excellent performance.

This tennis racquet for intermediate players possesses a 16*19 string pattern, which is isometric. For intermediate players, this string pattern provides a big sweet spot. With this, you will have long playing hours due to minimized errors. Open string patterns give an unreal quantity of spins that makes it possible for you to apply it to all shots. Its weight is at 10.6 oz, which is convenient for a player to swing comfortably.

The isometric string pattern and the frame make the player feel the tennis racquet response. A responsive tennis racquet makes the tennis game even more exciting and allows the player to control every shot easily. Yonex ezone dr 100 is not only comfortable but also easy to use, especially in a competitive game.

What we like

What we don’t like

  • Provides a big sweet spot
  • Easy to play with this racquet
  • Its weight is convenient for the player to swing swiftly
  • Enhances easy control of the ball
  • Very bearable to the player’s arm
  • Stability is not at its best
  • It gives less powerful shots
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Prince Textreme Tour 95

Do you want a classic and at the same time a comfortable tennis racquet? Well, prince textreme tour 95 begins its uniqueness by being excellent. For absolutely a long time, there has not been a more classic tennis racquet in the market than this. Who doesn’t want to play with such a unique tennis racquet? Its classic precision has made a lot of players like it.

Prince Textreme Tour 95 has been designed using a technology that makes it lighter than other tennis racquets. Its head size is 95 square inches. It might not be mighty due to its lightweight, but the weight if suitable for the player to make swings swiftly and efficiently. The technology used to design it also helps to reduce shock.

This tennis racquet enhances air resistance through its soft frame. This gives a very high speed and control. It also features 16*19 string patterns. This helps you to feel the racquet response making the game lively since you hear the ball hitting the strings. You will also be able to hit perfectly every shot that comes your way. For hard fitters, the string patterns reduce the whistling sound, which may be very annoying.

Prince Textreme tour 95 tennis racquet is very comfortable, although it is not very powerful. I suggest you give it a little time and you will understand how it provides a combination of features to help you gain an excellent performance. With a flexible body, heavy stick, and fast swing weight, you will enjoy every game you play using prince textreme tour 95.

What we like

What we don’t like

  • It possesses the best feel and control
  • The tennis racquet is basically classic
  • Designed with a technology that helps to reduce shock
  • Its frame is very soft
  • It is suitable for players who hit very hard
  • Its weight can be too light for some intermediate players
  • It may take a lot of effort to gain the full power
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How to choose the best tennis racquet for an intermediate player

Consider affordability

When choosing the best tennis racquet, the cost is an essential factor. Racquets come in different types, beginner level, intermediate level, and the advanced level. Racquet prices also differ from one model to the other. For instance, a beginner level racquet can come at a low cost as compared to the different types.

One may prefer a low-cost racquet to save on cost. However, some low-cost racquets might lack essential features. Intermediate players have a variety of racquets they can choose from in the market. So it all depends on your preferences and budget.

Watch out for the string type of the racquet

Becoming an intermediate player means you are becoming a better player. So choosing the best racquet should be the most important thing to keep in mind. Racquets come with different types of strings. However, one might encounter difficulties to buy the strings separately as some racquets lack them.

The strings are made of different materials, for example, nylon, polyester among others. As a player, you should, therefore, consider a string made from good material. The material that will last long to avoid one from purchasing strings frequently. Durability is essential to consider!

Go for a racquet that can balance well

Check on the weight of the head of a racquet before buying it. Some racquets are lightheaded, and others are heavy-headed, while others have equal weight. Lightheaded racquets are easy to use as compared to the .heavy ones.

However, heavy-headed racquets tend to have more power than light ones. In general you as an intermediate player, you have the right to choose any racquet. It mostly relies on how well you can handle it. Therefore pick a racquet that suits your needs and show how well you can play the game.

Consider your needs

As an intermediate player, what do you want to gain from the racquet? Different racquets come with different experiences. Racquets offer control, power, and comfort. However, this does not happen with all racquets. You should probably go for a racquet that provides support. It will help avoid strain.

Mostly racquets can be perfect depending on the type of game. Additionally, choose a racquet that offers balance. As an intermediate player, choosing a racquet with optimum balance can lead to the success of the game. Moreover, having a racquet that suits your needs is the best choice.

How heavy the racquet is

It depends on the choice of the player. Intermediate racquets tend to be slightly heavier than the beginner ones. This type of racquets offers more power on how you strike the tennis ball. A player should choose a racquet that they can easily handle the weight. By this, the player can play for a long time without quickly getting fatigued.

Having a heavyweight racquet will enable you to make good strokes, therefore, enhancing your playability. It is because a less heavy racquet will help you to handle shots that come from your opponent easily. Always ensure you get it right.

The stability of the racquet grip

Racquets come with different types of grips. Some have a firm grip while others a loose one. Those with a firm grip are more comfortable than the others. It is because they cannot slip from your hands when playing. How a ball behaves when the type of grip usually determines hit. With a firm grip, a player can give more powerful shots. A player should also check on the material used to make the grip. Always ensure that the material that makes the grip is durable. It will help you have longer playing periods. Finally, go for a grip that fits well in your palm.

Buyers Guide

When we think about to buy any tennis racquet, the first thing comes in mind what tennis racket should I buy? It is not necessary for you to use tennis racquet selectors and finders for you to choose the best. Using a buyer’s guide makes it easier for you. Before purchasing any tennis racquet as a player, you have to consider some factors. You should review the following;

  • The weight of the tennis racquet
  • The cost
  • The racquet’s balance
  • Strings type
  • Power, control, and comfort

As an intermediate tennis player, you should consider getting a much heavier racquet than that of beginners. Although they can make you tired, they will enhance your balance. The cost of the racquet is also a very crucial factor to consider. Most high-quality tennis racquets are very expensive, but you can still find the best cheap tennis racquets in the market that will perform their tasks very efficiently.

Balance is essential in a tennis game. Some racquets are well balanced, while others are not. The weight of the head is directly related to the balance of the racquet. You should aim at getting a more balanced racquet. You should also put in mind the type of material used to make the strings. Remember that tennis game, especially for intermediate players, is all about power, control, and comfort. Choose a racquet that will enhance powerful shots and help you gain control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How to hold a tennis racquet

Answer: A perfect tennis racquet grip should not feel tight but firm. Compare this to a firm handshake. As you hold the racquet, your fingers should form an angled setting through the handle. A v-shaped seam should assemble at the highest point, between the index finger and the thumb. At the lowest point of the grip, the middle finger ought to be close together. The index finger should be detached and in a trigger like setting.

Question: How much does the right tennis racquet cost?

Answer: The best tennis racquet price range from $170 to $230, this is in case you want the tennis racquet used by tennis pro players. They use the best once. But these prices differ due to the difference in brands. You can still get the best tennis racquet under $100. It all depends on your budget. You can even work with your budget and get the right tennis racquet at a price that ranges from $60 to $125.

Final Verdict

The intermediate level is the most demanding level in the tennis game. This is because it requires you to polish up your skills and be in the most competitive state. This is very different from beginners who are just learning tennis game basics and advanced players who are fully equipped with all skills and techniques. That is why, for intermediate players to get outstanding performance, they must choose the best tennis racquet for intermediate player.

Tennis racquet for intermediate player varies from the cost and features. Intermediate players should know what they want to achieve before getting a tennis racquet. The excellent tennis racquet for intermediate players should be compelling, have comfortable grips, enhance stability, enhance natural swing, and provide a big sweet spot. This will make it possible for intermediate players to become pros. Getting Outstanding performance is just a matter of determining the perfect tennis racquet and enjoy big wins.