It is always good to choose to use the best tennis balls to play on clay courts, so you experience maximum capability. When you get into the tennis court, your choice of balls will affect how good your game will be. Base on the type of brand and quality of your purchase, your game can be made better or worse for different kinds of surfaces and various types of players.

Amongst the issues associated with the best tennis balls to use is that sometimes it can be hard to decide on the best brand to use to play. Nowadays, there are more tennis ball brands on the market than ever before, which makes it easier to choose from a variety of different brands and types of tennis balls.

In this guide, we have selected the best tennis balls that will make a perfect game for you for clay courts surface as we have tested them practically and recommend them for you to ensure that you get maximum results when playing with tennis balls on clay courts.

Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls

Penn Championship is a good tennis balls that have the quality and standard, which is usually used as a yardstick to measure playability and consistent feel every time you enter the court. This tennis is made of natural rubber for a consistent feel and reduced shock; it is also interlocked with wool fiber, which lasts long.

The Penn Championship tennis balls are designed for different surfaces. They are the best hard court tennis balls. Regular-Duty and Extra-Duty for both hard courts and softer courts (clay, grass) and courts located in higher elevations (4000+ feet above sea level), it has Extra-Duty High Attitude. Penn Ball’s natural rubber provides a consistent feel and reduces shock. The Championship line offers unmatched consistency every time you play on the court. The ball has high quality, consistency, available in both extra-duty felt and regular felt, and also extra-duty high altitude felt.


  • America’s No.1 Selling Tennis Ball
  • It is the Official Ball of USTA Leagues
  • The Penn ball has interlocked wool fiber
  • Best suited for clay court and hard court
  • Long lasting and high quality tennis ball

Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Balls

The Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Balls have unmatched performance, unparalleled consistency, and a super premium woven felt that adds up to more W’s for you. The high quality and flexibility make this Wilson ball worldwide brand, which is used at more than 45 professional tournaments worldwide.  This is the actual reason why this product stands out when compared to any other brand. Wilson is recognized as the Official Ball of the US Open, Fed Cup, Davis Cup, and the Australian Open.

The Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Balls come with an exclusive Dura-weave felt, which offers unmatched durability and also excellent performance. Wilson, it’s an athletic works tennis balls that are ideal for all levels of recreational play and tournament. It has 24 Cans of Tennis balls, 3 Balls per can which rounds up to 72 Balls in Total.


  • Official Ball of the US Open and the Australian Open Grand Slam Championships
  • Suitable for all courts
  • Its provides premium performance and long lasting durability
  • USTA and ITF approved
  • Ideal ball for tournament players who are looking for premium performance

Penn Championship Regular Duty Tennis Balls

The Penn Championship Regular Duty Tennis balls  are very suitable for clay courts and very long lasting too. In contrast, extra duty and Penn high altitude tennis balls are best suited for hard court and elevations of at least 4000′ respectively. The Penn ball is one of the best tennis balls for practice.

The Regular Tennis balls are best suited for both hard court matches and can also be played on softer clay courts surfaces as well. It is designed with controlled fiber release that offers a perfect even nap, as well as a consistent feel because of the natural rubber. Every time you hit the court with the Penn ball, the Championship line offers you an excellent consistency.


  • Penn Championship is the Official Ball of USTA Leagues
  • Interlocked wool fiber ensures the all courts tennis balls will play like new for as long as possible.
  • Designed with deep-elastic seams, which reduces cracking
  • The Championship line provides unparalleled consistency every time you hit the court.
  • Suitable for clay court and hard court

Babolat Roland Garros Tennis Balls

The Babolat Roland Garros Tennis Ball is playable in all courts and brings that Roland Garros was feeling to your club. This ball is mainly played in the French Open Babolat and designed as a high-performance pressurized ball with amazing playing features. The Babolat Roland French Open tennis ball court offers a beautiful experience to players as it is ideal on all surfaces and provides an unmatched foundation for intensive matches like the one played in Paris.

If you require an enjoyable experience in all courts, get the Babolat Roland Garros Tennis ball. Ensure that you avoid significant temperature fluctuations that can have an impact on ball performance. Store in a dry place.


  • The tennis ball is made with unique varieties of French Open balls.
  • The High quality and consistency ball is suitable for any court surface.
  • It offers high durability, tenacity, and liveliness.
  • It is an extra pressurized ball which improves speed bounce significantly due to the increased core pressure.
  • The Rubber Play is very flexible for improved durability and playability.

Wilson US Open Regular Duty Tennis Ball

Since 1978, the Wilson US Open Regular Duty tennis ball has been the official ball of the US Open. Designed by the Tex Tech Industries for superior playability, the Wilson US Open Ball is made with exclusive woven felt, which provides excellent durability and consistency. The Wilson Regular felt is ideally made for grass, clay, or indoor court surfaces, which is approved by the USTA As well as the ITF.

Other available alternatives are the Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis ball perfect for hard courts and also the Wilson US Open High Altitude tennis ball, which is ideal for all court surfaces. (over 3500 ft. elevation). The Wilson US Open Regular Duty Tennis balls have unbeatable performance; excellent consistency and comes with an exclusive premium weaved felt. More than 45 professional tournaments worldwide play with the Wilson official tennis balls. The Wilson US Open ball is the Official Ball of the Australian Open, Davis Cup, US Open, and the Fed Cup.


  • High-altitude core, ideal for longer play on courts above 3500 feet
  • Exclusive Tex Tech Industries felt from Wilson provides premium performance and long lasting durability
  • Ideal ball for tournament players who are looking for premium performance
  • USTA and ITF Approved
  • Ideal for clay courts, indoor and grass courts

Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty

If you need the longest lasting tennis ball for clay courts, then you must surely get the Pro Penn Marathon tennis ball. The Encore technology provides a 22% longer durable core, high tenacity, Smart Optik felt for maximum visibility, and LongPlay felt for extended play. As a result of its clarity, longevity, and durability, the Pro Penn Marathon balls are the best choice of USPTA pros. The Pro Penn ball is ideal for frequent players.

The Pro Penn Marathon is the No. choice for USPTA Teaching Professionals.  The tennis ball is made with features of Penn’s Encore Technology, which offers more longevity and optimum visibility in the core. These particular tennis balls are made of regular duty-felt and perfect for soft courts (grass, carpet, Omni, and clay courts).

The Pro Penn Marathon Tennis Balls are mostly Professional Balls because they are the most technologically advanced tennis balls which provide players with felt technologies and also top of the line core that enables the ball to be played at its best for extended periods.


  • Pro Penn Marathon is the most lasting tennis ball.
  • Smart Optik-felt for maximum visibility
  • Regular Duty-felt for both clay and indoor court
  • Three balls per can. It contains 24 boxes per case.
  • Listing is 1 case (24 cans)

Kevenz Standard Pressure Tennis Balls

Kevenz 12-Pack Standard Pressure Tennis Balls is an All Court Standard Pressure Tennis Ball that has High Durability, High Elasticity, and very suitable for Beginner Training Ball. The KEVENZ 12-Pack Standard Pressure Training Tennis Balls is a good beginner tennis balls.The package includes 12 pack standard pressure training balls. Color is green.The Kenvenz ball has thicker interlocked wool fiber for enhanced durability and more extended wear.


  • The ball’s thickened tennis liner enhances better sealing and long airtightness
  • The slow speed is essential to train beginners
  • Easy-to-control landing point; feeling is comfortable
  • Kavenz ball meets the requirements of different types of venues, perfect for tennis ball practice
  • It is ideal for playing with your pets.


The best choice for pros is exactly the Dunlop Clay Court Tennis Ball, which is uniquely woven to make the ball remain clean on the clay. The Dunlop Clay ball provides superior play performance on clay court. These excellent features make it the best choice for the Official Ball of the ATP Masters 1000 events in Monte Carlo and Rome as well as other High-Level ATP and WTA events.

The Dunlop quality brand is famous for quality and durable sports products, and among these products, the Dunlop Clay Court Tennis is the best. These gas-filled tennis balls are mainly made for clay courts. They are made with the Clay Guard technique for extra long life. The yellow balls are distinct on clay courts due to the flour-felt. These balls are official tennis balls for professionals, and they are used at ATP tournaments.


  • Contains four balls per can
  • Material is rubber and felt Perfect for clay courts
  • High durability; HD core for long-lasting life
  • Approved by ITF

Things To Consider

You may have the idea that all tennis balls are the same, but that’s wrong. Most times, your choice of the ball determines performance on the court. Different options will provide you different qualities depending on the brand. When we go for buying any tennis balls the first thing comes in mind is which tennis balls are perfect for clay courts tennis balls last? This guide was put together to help you make the right choice and have an idea of things to give attention to when buying a tennis ball.


Many of the manufacturers of tennis balls brands are predominantly made in Europe and the USA. Among these are well-known companies such as Slazenger, Dunlop, Penn, and Wilson. They make different types of balls to suit different surfaces. A premium tennis ball can make a significant impact because the balls are produced with high quality.


Mostly, the choice of color for the tennis ball is relatively limited. As decreed by The Tennis Federation, the standard color for the tennis ball is yellow. This is due to its visibility to players and spectators alike. Choosing the standard color for both practice and professional play is essential as visibility matters in terms of playability.p


There are four known tennis balls which include

1: The ball is made for use on fast surfaces like grass

2: Ball made for use on speed surfaces such as hard court

3: The ball made  for use on clay surfaces

High Altitude

Specially designed for fast travel and higher bounce Every kind of tennis ball is made for use on specific court surfaces. The Official ATP Rules clarifies certain weight and size restrictions for the various tennis balls produced. Another feature that can be considered is the thickness of the felt covering, which surrounds the tennis ball, mostly known as a duty. Regular duty felt tend to be regular, whereas Extra duty felt balls tend to be thicker.


For you not to be confused in making the right choice, you should know that each type of tennis ball is designed to meet different levels of quality which include

  • Recreational
  • Professional
  • Championship

Your choice of the tennis ball will depend on your level of experience and what you intend to use the ball for. If you are a fresh beginner in the game or just looking for a cheap ball that can serve for a practice match, you should go for recreational. If you have played the game for a while, and you feel you are an intermediate player, go for championship ball. When you are looking for a ball that will offer you high precision, and you are an expert, go for a professional.

Pressurized or Non-pressurized

Before buying a tennis ball, you should consider whether you want your balls to be pressurized or non-pressurized. The main advantages of pressurized balls are the fact that they offer more speed, bouncer, and spin. That is the reason why the majority of the balls used today are pressurized. Their only downside is that you have to replace them after a while because they tend to fade over time. Non-pressurized tennis balls usually bounce on their outer rubber shells. They don’t rely on a pressurized interior, so they avoid this issue. They gain more resilience—the more they are used and tend to last longer as well. The court’s surface will affect the choice of the type of tennis ball you get as the balls come in different thicknesses, providing a potential advantage to your play.

Extra duty and regular duty

Another feature you have to consider when buying a tennis ball is the thickness of the felt-covering which surrounds the ball. It is often known as its duty. Regular duty balls tend to be regular, well whereas, the Extra duty balls are usually thick.

Yet, the choice you make should depend on the tennis court surface, with a different thickness, which should provide improved playability. Extra duty balls are better played on faster, harder surfaces, whereas regular duty balls offer more advantages on slower courts.

Buyer’s Guide

Irrespective of whether you are a professional or a beginner fresh tennis ballplayer, you should know that, unlike any other sport, tennis accessories have a long way to go in ascertaining whether you will have enjoyable or painful playing. So choosing a tennis ball which suits your needs is an essential part of the game.

Type of Ball: Pressurized or Pressureless?

Understanding the advantage of pressurized or non-pressurized balls is essential when playing on the court. Non-pressurized balls are recommended for beginners, recreational play, or practice matches. The rubber shell structure makes the ball achieve bounce, while professionals often use pressurized balls. They give more exceptional bounce, speed, and spin, but the downside is they can quickly fade over time.

Regular Duty and Extra Duty

When planning to buy a new tennis ball, never forget that the type of court you play on matters. Regular duty tennis balls are commonly played on indoor, or clay courts as they have thinner felt, which lessens the amount of earth absorbed on impact, while extra duty felt is better played on hard and grass courts.

High Altitude

When choosing tennis balls, you must keep in mind where you are hitting the court. When you are playing on high altitudes with pressurized balls, they tend to bounce higher and travel faster. All types of players usually face this challenge.


Why Are Tennis ball Cans Pressurized

A fresh new tennis ball has an internal pressure of about 14psi. This pressure level enables the ball to retain the newness of the ball on the shelf. Also, the cans apply with the same pressure level to ensure that the shelf life of the ball is the same from the manufactured date until when it’s opened.

Who Makes Tennis Balls for Wimbledon?

The tennis balls used at Wimbledon are manufactured in the Philippines and then shipped to the UK. The balls travel 50,570 miles around the globe before they land on Andy Murra’s racket on Center Court. Slazenger is the British Sports equipment official ball supplier for Wimbledon since 1902. Its headquarters is located at Shirebrook in Derbyshire.

Final Verdict

Your choice of a tennis ball can have a significant impact on your playability and quality of play on the court. We have reviewed different types of tennis balls. Now that you have been rightly informed on the best tennis balls on clay courts as well as the things to consider when buying a tennis ball, it is essential to take time and decide the right choice for you. Whether regular duty or extra duty, pressurized or pressureless, consider the type of court surface you want to play, the brand, and your level of experience. When you take these decisions rightly it will help you get a better tennis experience.